Some key figures of our natural gas company

Established on 31 December 2007, the GRDF natural gas company performs its public service missions on a daily basis, delivering natural gas energy to 10,9 million customers via Europe’s largest distribution network. GRDF is a European natural gas company that designs, builds, operates, maintains and develops this network in more than 9,541 French municipalities, while guaranteeing the safety of people and property, and ensuring the quality of delivery.

The longest natural gas network in Europe

  • A 198,886 kilometer-long natural gas network, equivalent to almost five times the Earth’s circumference
  • 293 TWh of natural gas delivered
  • €762 million invested to maintain and operate the network
  • €1 million allocated to network safety every day

An energy carrier at the service of local territories

  • 10.9 million customers in France
  • 9,541 municipalities served by the European natural gas company’s distribution network
  • 77% of France’s population lives in a municipality served by the GRDF natural gas company
  • A network that is monitored 24/7
  • 26 biomethane injection sites (renewable gas) as at 31 December 2016, all grids combined, 22 of which are connected to the GRDF network

A dynamic natural gas company

  • 11,431 employees
  • 650 employees recruited and 400 apprentices to be trained in 2017
  • €3.621 billion in turnover in 2016