Gas supply and security


Our strategy

Promoting gas as a key element in the energy transition


Our role as a gas distribution company

GRDF’s primary role is to ensure the delivery of gas right to its residential, commercial and industrial customers in the best possible conditions in terms of quality, security and cost


Securing our network

Optimizing safety for our 11 million customers

Renewable gases


Biomethane: the future of natural gas

Energy is more than ever a crucial issue for future generations, and natural gas is a major asset in the energy mix



A technology with great potential for producing green gas



A key to developing renewable energies

A smart network


Smart Gas Grid, boosting the energy transition

Thanks to the implementation of new equipment and digitized functionalities, the natural gas network operated by GRDF becomes a key enabler of the energy transition in the territories.


Smart gas meter

Your reliable partner at the heart of the energy transition.


Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions

With a commitment to protecting the environment and fighting climate change, we regularly calculate and publish our carbon footprint.