Stakeholders and gas suppliers


In order to meet our customers’ needs, we interact with players in the energy sector on a daily basis. First and foremost, we are in close contact with local and regional authorities, the owners of their networks. We also interact with natural gas suppliers who have signed a transmission contract with GRDF.

And we are in regular contact with other stakeholders in the energy world, from public organizations to energy opinion leaders, including professional federations and consumer associations. 


Teams of experts working closely at local level

  • Customer service consultants
  • Network developers
  • Industrial safety teams
  • Customer field technicians
  • Regional teams.





More questions about GRDF?

Established on 31 December 2007, GRDF performs its public service missions on a daily basis. Find out some key figures of our gas company.


Key Data




External stakeholders 

Our watchword : a transparent, coordinated approach to respond to needs more effectively. We therefore interact with many stakeholders on a daily basis.


  • Professionals within the sector
  • CRE : The French Energy Regulatory Commission (independent administrative authority responsible for ensuring that the gas and electricity markets in France function properly)
  • Natural gas suppliers
  • Public works contractors
  • Public authorities
  • ADEME: French Environment and Energy Management Agency
  • Consumer associations
  • Customers
  • Other players in the energy world
  • Local and regional authorities, engaged in energy transition :
  1. Regional authorities establish their energy policies by maximizing the opportunities offered by the natural gas grid
  2. GRDF supports them in their energy transition and economic development (planning, renovation, renewable energies, mobility)
  3. An example of such consultation is the “New data for a new order” initiative, which has led to the production of a detailed annual report for local authorities.



More questions about GRDF?

In order to guide the gas company and set a strategic course for the future, a Board of Directors is in charge of its governance. Click on the dedicated page to find out their role, workings and composition.






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