One vision, four values

GRDF has a public service mission. Our vision and our values (Professionalism, Commitment, Openness and Responsibility) are our guarantee that this mission is properly fulfilled on a daily basis.

Ensuring network safety and working to keep customers safe

Safety is the cornerstone of our activity and we make every effort, every day, to ensure safe conditions. We are fully mobilized throughout the gas safety chain and work alongside industrial players, local authorities and other operators, to reduce the number of network incidents.

Developing a positive customer experience

We remain close to our customers and, in order to better understand their needs, conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys and implement innovative methods of consultation.

Acting responsibly and sustainably

All of our activities are conducted according to strict standards that are constantly updated. This is achieved primarily via more open and agile information systems, a strong commitment to relations with service providers, and by streamlining our use of outsourcing.

Developing and promoting our expertise in France and abroad

We are renowned for our knowledge and expertise. With Energy Formation, we are also a major player in gas-related training both in France and abroad.

Being a committed player in energy transition

Our independence, supplier neutrality and public service mission naturally position us as a natural gas benchmark. GRDF has always worked closely with local authorities to address their various issues.

Building an energy future with our stakeholders

The deployment of smart meters, development of the biomethane business and initiatives with professionals in the gas industry, etc. are some of the major projects in which GRDF has opted to work in consultation with others.

Making the gas network one of the key drivers for energy transition

Innovation is our foundation for growth. The aim of industrial innovation, by enhancing our Smart Gas Grid strategy, is to make the network even more intelligent, dynamic and connected, assets that support energy transition.

Promoting gas as a suitable choice for energy transition

We continue to promote innovative energy solutions and are intensifying our work and partnerships with business professionals, particularly in the construction, biomethane and clean mobility sectors. We do so because it is important to maintain strong relationships of trust.

Developing professionalism in the gas sector

We deliver a public service to French people every day, providing high-quality distribution and network safety. Such expertise is unique and we are constantly striving to renew and develop it. The emergence of new digital technologies is changing our skill sets and how we work with others.