Solutions for energy transition

GRDF is actively promoting the development of innovative technologies, especially key strategic drivers such as gas network issues and the development of renewable gas.

GRDF is currently strongly involved on four main areas:

Risks reduction after accidental damages (gas stopple)

Gas stopples equipment developed by the Research and Innovation Center for Energy (RICE) and GRDF automatically cuts off gas distribution after any accidental damage to service lines. This innovative solution won the World Gas Conference 2018 Innovation Award in the gas distribution category.

                                                                                          Excess Flow Valve (DPBE )

Thanks to this innovative solution, GRDF has been able to prevent 0,40 tons of CH4 emissions on its gas distribution network

New methodology for methane emissions calculation

GRDF has developed an innovative calculation methodology allowing optimized analysis of emission factors and development of accurate action to reduce emissions.

By using this methodology, GRDF has been able to reduce its CH4 emissions by 18% since 2012.