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04.10.2019 - 20H08

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21/10/2019 – Don’t miss GRDF Smart Meters Events in EUW2019 !



03/07/2019 – GRDF and ESO have launched a pilot on 169 MHz communication technology for Smart Gas Meters 

ESO, the Lithuanian electricity and gas Distributor, is currently testing different types of communication technologies for smart gas meters. ESO and GRDF have therefore launched a field test on the 169 MhZ Communication system, successfully used in France with more than 3.5 million Smart Meters on the field, aiming to 11 million by 2022. The Pilot phase will last until September in Lithuania and will confirm the reliability of such the 169 MHz communication system. ESO will then have the tools to make an informed decision for their gas smart meters project. “GRDF is very happy to run such a pilot with ESO. We think our technological choice is really relevant and we wish to share it with DSOs like ESO. We have designed the Lithuanian pilot phase in a very collaborative approach and will work hand in hand during the field phase. We hope this is a first step of a long lasting collaboration”, says Vincent Pertuis, GRDF Smart Meter Project Director.

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19/03/19 – The #3 million smart gas meter has just been installed in France. The roll-out of the new meters is continuing on schedule and under good conditions thanks to the work done with the local authorities, consumer associations and stakeholders since the beginning of the project”, declared Vincent PERTUIS, Project Director in GRDF. The customer complaint rate is 0.8%, a very low rate for this type of project. As a tool to serve customers and control energy consumption, smart meters enable lower energy consumption and improved user satisfaction.



14/01/2019 - Currently 24 companies are experimenting a first and limited version of a secured API connection to consumption data (a project called GRDF ADICT), with the consent of the end consumers. A progressive opening of the industrial version is expected mid-2019.



12/12/2018 - More than 2.5 million smart meters have been deployed on the French territory since the start of the roll-out. GRDF is fulfilling its planning commitment.

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