Our role as a natural gas distribution company

Our role as a natural gas distribution company is primarily to deliver gas right to our customer’s homes in the best possible conditions, in terms of quality, safety and cost. We are also there to help them make the best energy choices.

What does GRDF do for its customers ?

Every day, GRDF teams are there to ensure there is always an available supply of gas for its customers and to connect new customers to the natural gas grid.

Our key missions as a natural gas distribution company are to deliver gas to the homes of our customers, maintain and develop the natural gas distribution network, connect new customers to the distribution grid, take readings of their energy consumption twice a year, and transmit this information to gas suppliers for billing, while we prepare to install 11 million smart meters (to be rolled out in 2017).

Lastly, we carry out emergency work 24/7 in the event of any disruption in supply or suspected leak.

Distributor, installer, supplier of gas: what are the different roles ?

  • A gas transmission network operator is responsible for managing all or part of the natural gas transmission network.
  • A distributor operates the network in which natural gas circulates, up to the homes of GRDF customers.
  • An installer set up gas equipment in their homes.
  • A supplier purchases the gas that circulates in the network and sells it to end-customers.