The Wize Alliance


In a world where linked projects know a strong development, WizeAlliance, a non-profit organisation has been created to promote and to develop the use of the radio network 169 MHz for the industrialists and local authorities.


Wize protocol offers the best radio network efficiency with lowest concentrators number.


  • Wize is open and CIG Compatible:
    - Open communication technology EN 13757
    - License-Free RF chip manufacturing
    - License-Free Frequency Band (169 Mhz in Europe)

  • Wize is optimized:
    - 169 MHz is compatible with very deep indoor situations
    - 20 years battery life with a standard battery (2,5 A.h and 2x104 bytes data sent per day
    - Bidirectional protocol with efficient firmware upgrade capabilities

  • Wize is industrial and field proven:
    - GRDF has set up, as part of the Smart Gas Meter project, a remote reading solution which leans on the use of the frequency band 169 MHZ.


wize alliance   


To date, 5 million devices have been deployed in 500 cities within 12 countries!
If you want to know more, please reach our website WizeAlliance !





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Introduction to Wize Alliance




WIZE Alliance is promoting an international standard for the Industrial Internet of Things. The association is bringing together international players in order to support the implementation of Long Range Wide Area Network technology called WIZE.


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