Smart Gas Meter project in France

GRDF took a major step towards Smart Grids for smarter cities through a large scale deployment of the Smart Gas Meter. 

Today, we are ready to enchance customer satisfaction, improve energy management and to optimize our distribution network! This massive project was also a starting point of The Wize Alliance, a major association between industrials and utility companies that promotes an international standard for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Key Figures


  • 11 million meters
  • 1 Billion euros invested
  • 20 years lifetime battery, though a reliable radio network (know more)
  • Daily consuption data available (know more)
  • 1,5% Energy savings targeted
  • 150 Million euros to be saved on network optimization
  • A ten years project (know more)

Key results


  • 2.5 million meters installed on French territory (end 2018)
  • 150 000 meters installed/month
  • Respect of rollout planning
  • Daily consumption collection rate > 95%
  • Positive qualitative feedbacks on energy savings, quantitative studies to come in 2019
  • 140 third parties showing interest in consumption data API
  • A good global acceptance from the main stakeholders


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